What to do about sore muscles?

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Date: Wed-Jun-3-2009-
Thank god for my boyfriend or I would never have known about stuff like this...

You need to be getting enough protein in your diet in your day to help

your muscles repair after a workout. When you work out your muscles you

are actually tearing them and then they start to repair themselves

(this is how you get bigger muscles or build muscle period). If your

body doesn't have enough protein you're going to feel more pain. You

should also make sure that you're taking glutamine and drink plenty of


You can pick up glutamine and protein (in many flavors) at walmart or

any health food store or pharmacy. Or you can get your protein from

fish like tuna and salmon or eggs.

Have a look at this website.


I started using this back in November when I was 170 pounds. I followed

things I read on the site and now I'm in great shape and I know how to

eat right.


Theres the spot specifically for women. Have a look around and you'll

be impressed. Although keep in mind, some of those woman look massive,

but they trained harder then I ever have or ever will to get that big,

that doesn't happen without working hard enough to want to look like

that. I'd also assume some of them are taking steriods. ;)

Someones question about PROTEIN

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Date: Wed-Jun-3-2009
Soreness is good because it means your muscles are rebuilding (aka, you'll have more toned and in shape muscles and such). One thing that helps though is to get a stick (or even your hand works) and roll if up and down the muscle that's sore. So your leg for example, just sit down somewhere and kinda roll over it. It's like a massage and it spreads out the lactic acid that's remains in there (which is one cause for the soreness).
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Date: Wed-Jun-3-2009
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