how to write invitation letter to us embassy

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Date: Wed-Jun-3-2009-
if you wish your mom to come to your place after having her visa approved, so that whenever she comes and ask by the immigration, she has something to prove that she has an invitation letter from her daughter..

You should write the reason why you are inviting her.. could be hand written or typed and signed by you...

as the letter to the embassy, this goes to your mother's document when she will start to apply to get her visa, the one that you addressed to the consular... you should make copies of documents you sent to your mom just incase she lost it or you need again..

Always signed it with the date and and your complete address.

Including photos of you and your mom together would be a good support to her documents.

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Date: Wed-Jun-3-2009
HERE YOU GO!! You need to change the content a bit though. The letter should be from you to the head of American Consulate General


American Consulate General,

Sub: Issuance of visitorís visa to my <>>>

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, , work as a at located at and earn per year. I would like to invite my parents, Mr. and Mrs. , to visit USA for tourism purpose and to meet me. They will be staying with me at my home at the above-mentioned address for <6> months.

During their stay in United States, I will bear all responsibilities including, but not limited to, financial responsibilities, return air ticket fare to travel from to USA and back, travel expense within USA, medical insurance, housing and food. I will personally make sure that they leave United States before the expiration of their authorized stay. I will also personally make sure that they will not become public charge on the part of United States government.

So I respectfully request you to grant my momsí visitor visa.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Your Name


also dont for get to notarize it - here is how

Step 1

If you receive documents that need to be notarized at an office, ask the person giving them to you. Sometimes, there will be a Notary on staff. Do it then rather than risk misplacing the documents or searching for a Notary later.


Step 2

Call an insurance agency. Because they generate so many legal documents, a Notary might work there.


Step 3

Contact the local post office. If the document needs to be mailed, it could be signed and sent in one place.


Step 4

Ask someone at your bank. They could offer free notary services, depending on the type of account you have.


Step 5

Call your public library or the local court house.

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Date: Wed-Jun-3-2009
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