Question’s for white ignorant. About your intelligence and who you are. Let review shall we?

Question’s for white ignorant. About your intelligence and who you are. Let review shall we? What part is being smart reporting this simple question? Do you want to judge me by color of skin? Ok let me judge you with your color of skin and see how you like it. How come your skin similar to pig skin? How come your skin smells horrible and can’t last a day without shower? How come your skin gets cancer quick and has similar color to blood. How come your skin can’t stay long in the sun? How come your breath stinks so bad even after brushing many times a day? How come you couldn’t satisfy your wife? Is because you have little corn? How come a lot of white woman dreams and wish they had black man? No? How come white man is weaker then black man? Even weaker then the one you make fun of starving? Do want to judge me because most of my kinds are poor? Ok let me judge you and give you the title that you are rich person. How did you get rich? From other’s misery? From other’s land? Did you get rich with our man power? No? Ok. Did you get rich stealing from every race and every lands property and ideas? Who built the pyramid? You the white man? Oh maybe the UFO’s haa? They are poor because simply they don’t have right education on top of that so money ethnics groups live in one country and that is hard to get along as Europe or America there is only one or two ethnics groups that makes it easy to advance other ethnics no worries they are under control. Let us examine. Your so called I am white and I am smarter then blacks What part are you smarter? Let me give you example of the key to your success as white. Let say there is one hole that has many information and help for human kind. One of you white man finds it, because you are so hateful you start sharing the information only to your kind. In my class I was Better then most white and even helped them with their works. For your monkey jokes ? that monkey you call will feed you to the dogs if you say that in front of them. Or they can just make joke how your skin is pig skin. Are Hitler, KKK and many many of your presidents are smarts? Is infecting and killing millions of human being is being smart? Is setting up innocent people for things they have never done, is that being smart? Is hanging and burning people a live is that being smart? White invented everything? Whites haven’t invented 40 percent of human growth in technology. You have stolen it but not invented it. You have claimed it but not invented, you have lied but invented. Even if you do the beginning belongs to blacks. Let talk about science and god creation little bit. The first human being on earth are blacks right? = science God created human first then the devil right? = bible That all. Maybe this will open your eye or just close them more
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what chill brother
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What is 1 + 100

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