Who is Scheherazade?

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Sheherazade is the storyteller of "1001 Arabian Nights" and the protagonist of the framing story. When a wealthy sultan discovers that a woman he trusted has betrayed him, he decides that all women must be evil, and resolves to marry one woman each afternoon, sleep with her, and kill her the next morning. Sheherazade realizes that at some point, her beautiful sister is going to be killed this way, so she volunteers to marry the sultan first.

That night, she begins a marvelous story about a brave sailor who has some incredible adventures ... but she doesn't have time to finish before they must go to sleep. The next day, the sultan cannot bear to kill her because he must know how the story ends. After 1001 nights of storytelling, the sultan decides he loves her too much to kill her. Then she confesses that she did it to protect her sister, and he is forced to consider that all women cannot be evil if Sheherazade would risk her life so selflessly. And from then on, the two of them live together in wealth and happiness.
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