What is the AARP?

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AARP is a Non-Profit Organization in 

  U.S. which is meant to promote the welfare of senior citizens (person above the age of 50) and thus enhancing their quality of life. 

AARP was earlier known as American Association of Retired Person but now the name has been changed to only AARP because membership is not limited to those who have retired and any person above the age group of 50years may join it. AARP was founded by Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus in the year 1958 and since than it is fighting for rights and interest of the older persons. 

AARP is the largest and widely known organization in U.S. for older persons. AARP offers a wide range of services to its members like span health products, travel & leisure products, life event services which includes Medicare supplemental insurance, discounts on rental cars, cruises, vacation packages and lodging, pharmacy services, legal services and many more.

AARP is also known to publish 2 magazines which are “AARP The Magazine” and other one "AARP Bulletin" which highlights the various issues related to older age. AARP is also known to produce radio and television programs for highlighting the various problems related to older persons. Presently AARP is having offices in each and every state of U.S.

AARP is also launched a wide range of programs for the welfare of the older persons like AARP Tax-Aide, AARP Grandparent Information Center, AARP Grief and Loss Program, AARP Driver Safety Program and many more. However more information about the organization can be taken from its offices located in every state as well as from its official website: - AARP.org 
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