Comparing Chloroplasts and mitochondria? i have to illustrate a venn diagram between chloroplast and mitochondria What does Mitochondria only have? What does Chloroplasts only have? and what do they both have?</h4>

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Chloroplasts: How autotrophic organisms get energy. Photosynthesize for ATP.

Mitochondria: How heterotrophic organisms get energy. Some other system to get ATP.

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In the center (for similarities), you could put that both were thought to have arisen via "endosymbiosis"--which means, mitochondria and chloroplasts were once free-living, seperate bacteria, containing their own DNA, own cell membrane, etc. Over time, they developed a relationship with another cell, in which they were "eaten" by it and began living inside it. The bacteria provided benefits to the cell it lived inside, and eventually over many generations of these kinds of bacteria living inside cells, they lost their individual identities and became a permanent organelle, that could no longer live on its own anymore, and is not considered a "living thing" by itself.

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