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Has there ever been a period in history when whites were enslaved by non-whites? yes there has, during the early days of the american west, indians would sometimes attack a wagon train or a homestead kill the men and take the women and children as slaves. it didn't happen often but it did happen, and it was often in retellition from somthing the whites had done.

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Answer 1


on a small scale it has happened throughout history (and happens still today) all over the world

several times in history there have been invasions of asians ito europe- mongols, huns, turks, arabs - and one of their main "loot" were humans. Milions of "whites" were enslaved during the islamic conqest of christian lands in Syria, lebanon, north africa, italy, greece, the balkans and Spain

another specific feature happened during the expansion of islam- the process known as "devshirmeh"- it is the enslavement of children (also known as the "child tax") usually one out of 3 boys aged 4 to 6 were taken and enslaved (though that's not much difference from the "dhimmi" status) forcibly converted to islam and used as slave-soldiers (janissaries, mameluks, etc)

As regards the barbary pirates it is estimated that some 5 milion people were enslaved by them- from the balkans to Iceland

Answer 2

Whites were enslaved by whites in the past (simply read some old history, especially the Sagas of northern Europe (don't forget Iceland).

Non-whites, mostly Arabs and north Africans ran slave trades for blacks and whites. Most of the white slaves were given a degree of freedom if they formed mercenary units for Sultans. The Sultan of Istanbul (Constantinople) had a very large slave army (he preferred Northern European stock). Even today in some Moslem countries there is a degree of slavery but it isn't dependent on race so much. This is usually White women though.

Answer 3

Not on any great scale, mostly because there was not much contact between sub-Saharan Africa and the Mediterranean. Europeans have been held as slaves of the North Africans - the Barbary pirates, The Ottomans and the Berbers - and Serfdom was a form of slavery - so most Europeans were enslaved by other Europeans at some point in their history.

Answer 4

Yes, of course. Slavery in North Africa

The medieval slave trade in Europe was mainly to the East and South: Byzantine Empire and the Muslim World were the destinations, Central and Eastern Europe an important source. Slavery in medieval Europe was so common that the Roman Catholic Church repeatedly prohibited it—or at least the export of Christian slaves to non-Christian lands was prohibited at, for example, the Council of Koblenz in 922, the Council of London in 1102, and the Council of Armagh in 1171. Because of religious constraints, the slave trade was monopolised by Iberian Jews (known as Radhanites) who were able to transfer the slaves from pagan Central Europe through Christian Western Europe to Muslim countries in Al-Andalus and Africa. So many Slaves were enslaved for so many centuries that the very name 'slave' derived from their name; not only in English, but in other European languages and in Arabic.

Answer 5

I don't think whites have ever enslaved each other. I know there was a point where some of them discriminated against the white (European) immigrants in the early 1900's when everybody was coming to America, because they thought the immigrants were stealing their jobs.

Answer 6

"A new study suggests that a million or more European Christians were enslaved by Muslims in North Africa between 1530 and 1780 – a far greater number than had ever been estimated before."

Recent White Slavery:

Answer 7

Europeans often used to be captured by North African slave traders in the medieval and early modern period. there was a brisk trade in Europeans in the middle east.

Answer 8

Never them gringos alwayz had it made. Now dont get me wrong theres poverty to everthing but they alwayz new what they wanted...... Controll of the human mind grimy S.O.B

Answer 9

I don't know about the statistics or anything, but I know Russian, my native country, was taken over by the Golden Horde, and a lot of people were put into slavery.

Answer 10

Many of the gothic tribes Attila and the Huns warred against, from them they enslaved many men and women, and the goths are the forebears to the peoples that now inhabit northern Germany, and the scandinavian countries. That means actress Scarlett Johansson is a gothic barbarian whose great grandpappy was battle axed by Attila the Hun but moving on.

Also, the Slavs and Scandinavian tribes of Russia were, for all intents and purposes, enslaved by the Mongols.

Regarding the whole "nordic supremacy" thing, it all began with the Goths. Originally, blonde people, that is truly blonde people not light-red haired celts, came from the area around the black sea and the caucasus mountains of Russia, where they were driven out of their home by the Huns, ravenous asiatic hordes from the central steppes of Asia. If you have seen actress Scarlett Johansson hell, I'd be pretty "ravenous" too but, moving on.

The goths, are the ancestors of the "germanic" peoples. In fact, they are Hitler's precious "Aryan" race.

Regarding the origin of white people, genetically speaking, they are a mutation that began with a central asian, much later after other mutations have occured what I'm saying is, genetically speaking, white people are actually pretty new to this world, whereas black people have been here the longest.

You can think of black people like wolves (the original "dog" of the canine breed), and of other races, as the different dog breeds that sprung from wolves. Much in the same way wolves are much stronger than the majority of dogs, it stands to reason that black people, the "wolves" of the human race, tend to indeed be much stronger than most other people. Making a genetic analogy;

First, came black people. After black people, came, at roughly the same time, middle easterners (mostly semites), and central asians. Some middle easterners moved to Iran and India. As a race of people, semitic peoples, and asian peoples, are very very old genetically. Native Americans, semites of all the various classes including the genetic cousins of India, and east asians are roughly the same age genetically.

From middle eastern people, sprang the first, ah, "white" people, namely, the Slavs. The Slavic peoples of eastern Europe, are the forebears of the white race, in fact, Slavs are the original "white people." From the slavs, came the celts and the goths, at roughly the same time.

First, the celts moved to Europe, where they likely killed off whatever remained of the cro-magnon/neanderthal mixes, if they even still existed assuming they were not wiped out by the ice age, according to that theory. From the celtic tribes, came other peoples of Europe, namely, one of them, the Romans. In Greece, those lands were settled by genetic cousins to the semites, that is, the ancient Greeks were not white in the strictest sense, as they represent a much older genetic mutation.

Rome conquered the Celts, including some of them living in what is now Germany, meanwhile, the goths stayed around the black sea. But then China got sick of Hun raids, so they threw them out. They just drove them away past the gobi period amen, they never wanted to be raided again. When the Chinese armies drove away the Huns, said people began raiding and pillaging throughout central asia, and very soon, around the area of the black sea were the goths lived.

The goths, who were largely farmers and fishermen, were easy prey for the Huns, and thus knowing of the Roman empire they sought refuge there, roughly, around the 400's. Actually I think it was a little earlier than that; it may have been the 300's, towards the fall of the western Roman empire. Among the Gothic tribes they attacked, the Huns took many, many slaves, and the Huns, all hailed from east asian ancestry. Genetically, the Huns were cousins to the mongols, and the native americans of the americas, believe it or not. Where are the huns now? They were largely absorbed by the Slavs; that is why many people of slavic ancestry have slanted eyes.

So anyway; the goths, where highly unusual both to Roman eyes, and the by then native Celtic tribes of Europe, as many of them were blonde. Like I said, the goths are the ancestors of the people of the scandinavian circle and northern germany so in reality, people of "scandinavian" ancestry are actually goths. The whole "vikings wearing horns" thing? That came from Roman stereotypes, largely, as the only information Europeans had on the vikings, came from Roman writings.

The goths were actually the ancestors of the people who would become the vikings.

After the wars with the Huns, some goths moved west, and became the visigoths. The goths who stayed in Germany, and kept on moving northward, became the ostrogoths. The Visigoths of Spain established a ruling dynasty that remains there to this day, while other goths settled and farmed, largely, the areas now known as the scandinavian countries, and northern Germany.

The truth is most Germans are medium sized to short; Hitler was trying to promote Germans from NORTHERN Germany, who fit the bill for the "aryan" race.

So why is all this history important?

Its important because Hitler's so-called "master" race, were once slaves to central Asian nomads who were genetic cousins to modern day mexicans, that's why. A mexican, with mostly native american ancestry, has much in common with Attila the Hun genetically, as the native americans were originally all central asian.

So, not only have supposedly the most superior group of whites been slaves, but those whites were slaves, to central asians genetically related to the native american peoples of the americas, showing, for a fact, that it is a culture of warfare, and plenty of practice in it, not "superiority" which ultimately gives a competitive advantage of one people over another.

The Celts themselves, captured by the Romans, some taken from as far away as "Britania," were sold as slaves to Ethiopian royalty. The Romans got around, and they did not recognize any other color, save for the color of gold.

So there you have it; the ancestors of "scandinavian" peoples, were the goths, originally from the black sea in Russia. That part of Russia in fact, still has a lot of blonde people. When the hun threat was over some went back.

The only group of people, that have never been enslaved on a large scale, are east asians, because of their geography, and their numbers. Everyone else though has ancestors who have been slaves.

If you are talking ALL whites at the same time?


White women are Oprah's slaves, so, to answer your question, yes, now is a time period of history where large numbers of white people obey, blindly, a non-white master.

And that master is Oprah. So the racist punk on this blog who said whites created the modern world even though the whites he's talking about have only been civilized for the past 500 years, is dead wrong, for the reasons stated in most of this answer, and because, white women, are the slaves of Oprah Winfrey.

The answer is yes, and that period of history, is now; Oprah Winfrey controls white women, married and unmarried, and white women, control their husbands and boyfriends, so therefore, white people are the slaves to someone not white....NOW.

peace out.

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