What is the secret to the Language of OP?

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So, for years my younger sisters have been speaking "op" to keep my mother and I from understanding them. I have learned to understand most of it, but speaking it is another story.

Basically the secret to speaking "op" involves adding the sound "op" in between consonants or syllables to create an almost unintelligible sound. Most people who speak in "op" can do it so rapidly that it's almost impossible for anyone else to understand them.

Here is the basic construction as I understand it so far.

  • In a word, you take the first consonant (b,c,d,f,g,h...) or consonant sound (br, ch, th, sh, etc...) of the first syllable and add "op" behind it.
  • Do the same with the next syllables until you finish the word or sentence.
  • When speaking in "op" you don't pause for word breaks as often because it would be easier to analyze. You gotta speak quickly!

For example:

I LOVE YOU would translate to ILOPOVOPEYOPOU

If you listened to this and tried to break down the syllables it would be pronounced:
I lop ov op e yop o u.

As you can see from this there are some other complexities to speaking Op: phonetic pronunciation of non-phonetic words, adding "op" in to break up a single syllables into two or more parts, and how to deal with words that start with vowels.

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