How do people create words?

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Date: Unknown--

1.) compounding two (or more) words together: houseplant, redheaded

2.) using prefixes and suffixes: pseudoantidisestablismentarianism

3.) borrowing from other languages: vampire, ghoul, paradise, robot.

4.) Attributes of famous people: mercurial, Jovian, Saturn, Newtonian, Christian.

5.) malanthrope, using an existing word in the wrong way until its accepted: gee, that was neat.

6.) Onomapapia, using the sound of something to stand for it: gallop, stomp, whistle, growl.

7.) Using a phrase from an older more respected language (latin or Greek) solar plexis, appendix, cardio. digitalus.

8.) Turning a noun into a verb: blogging, networking, cybernization.

9.) Or just making up a word to serve a need: robotics, Polonium, Grot.

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