How does language help us connect with others?

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< Words are what men live by. Without regionally unifying languages, people would be so alone that eventually humanity would go insane and destroy itself.

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It helps people relate to others how they feel and to what degree or

intensity they fell those emotions. It also allows people to express

praise, to ask for help, and to display discomfort.


Language can be as harmful as it is helpful. Language is as

useful as the mastery behind it. It is infinitely easier to communicate

with another if both have mastered the language they are speaking. But

even then, language has it's problems. We communicate in spoken

language, body language and often times will communicate in unsaid

ways. Often times it is more important to understand what was not said,

then what was said. The more critical the thinking, the better the

chance of successful communication.


Physical location of the peoples who speak a language also has a

great impact upon both the language and the daily life of the people

who speak it.

The are many words used to describe frozen states of water in

Inuit, but nothing to describe many grains of sand. Desert peoples may

have many phrases for types of sand but need to borrow words from other

languages to describe ice.

Language can be used to express perceptions, thoughts and

feelings. Some languages are more rich in descriptive phrases than

others. Also some concepts (like owning land or warfare) cannot be

expressed in some languages.

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