How do you carry pride in your language?

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Everyone should take great pride in their mother language. You can take pride in your language by striving to speak, read and write it correctly. Not everyone is or wants to be a language professor, but what comes out of you through the language you use comes from your heart and spirit. It's good to use language wisely. It is an amazing gift.

There is a text called The Last Lesson, which told of Frenchmen who were deprived the right of speaking French. At that time they realized that French was the most beautiful language in the world and they felt their dignity was hurt.

Language is a kind of communicating tool. You can try to master more languages to expand your communicating circle. However, your mother language is an indispensable part of your patriotism.

Language is a tool that helps us communicate with each other, the lack of which would render us feral. Language varies all across the world and our language gives us a sense of identity. One mustn't make a deliberate effort to "carry pride" in their language. If we are proud of our native dialect then, it would be blatantly evident in the manner in which we utilize our language. Dignity is not an art to be learnt, it is an art that should be honed by one's own diligence. Carrying pride in our language is an act that should come naturally to us and not be learnt.

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