What do I do to become a better human being?

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Examine your conduct daily and try to improve upon your qualities .Read Shri Sai Satcharitra and learn from examples and Baba's advices.
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do unto others ,as you would have them do unto you.

speak to others ,as you would want them to speak to you.

don't judge others.

love thine enemy.

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Date: Fri-Dec-19-2008
Undoubtedly, it is the heart, for it is in our hearts that the

divine can communicate most directly to us. It is in our hearts that we

may receive grace and healing. It is in our hearts that we can

experience joy, ecstasy, love, feel awe, and experience ourselves as an

integral part of all that is. If we are open hearted, a space is there

enabling us to be spontaneous, brave , warm, true and honourable and we

will much more easily be able to accept and respect ourselves and so

accept and respect others and, most importantly, our planet. Indeed, I

see our hearts as containing the ‘spiritual fuel’ that will allow us to

resolve conflicts, transform destructivity and generally enable us to

be part of the solution, as opposed to being part of the problems, of

our world. Teilhard de Chardin, that great theologian and visionary

thinker, writing in the 1940’s, suggested that there was more power in

an open heart than in the atom bomb.

I recognise this and see our hearts as being our greatest weapon of

mass construction and believe that if only more of us learned to open

our hearts, that we would be able to have peace in the world and that

all the insane, crazy, stupid activities which we heartless or

small-hearted humans like to do like flying planes into large towers,

fighting wars, creating dictatorships to rule us, spending billions on

weaponry while millions starve, consuming more than we need, destroying

our environment, and generally behaving in greedy, rapacious, selfish

and narrow minded ways, would stop!

All these behaviours are symptomatic of a deficient heart life. I

don’t think our world will transform as a result of a change of mind. I

think it needs a change of heart. Or rather, an opening of heart. We

cannot have the one without the other. However, for such an opening to

take place, we need to work at it. It is not a ‘given.’ Indeed, one of

the best ways to learn how not to be so egoic, is to put effort into

opening our hearts. The subtler vibration of the heart space begins to

evaporate the denser one of ego space.

If our spirituality manifests not in what we know (how many sacred

texts we can quote), but in how we behave and in how compassionately we

treat others, especially those who may be very different to us, this is

all dependant upon the health of our hearts. To a healthy hearted

person, no one is an enemy. If our hearts are open, we will feel free

and vital and the most natural thing in the world will be for us to

wish for that condition to manifest all around us. If our hearts are in

‘bad shape’ or closed, our perspective will radically alter and it is

all too likely that we will see the world through a glass darkly,

succumb to despair, bitterness and depression and so project all sorts

of negatives onto it which do not in actuality exist. Thus to believe

we can be authentically spiritual without being open-hearted is like

believing we can play cricket without a bat and ball!

Because I feel so strongly on this matter, I have made several CDs

on the topic of the Heart which can be ordered from my website. I also

teach a one-year training group entitled Living from the Heart, where

we learn to heal and purify and deepen as well as broaden, our heart


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Date: Fri-Dec-19-2008
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