What are some interesting facts about Jack London?

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1.Jack Londons house he grew up in and was born in buned down during the 1906 S.F. earthquake.

2. London was essentially self-educated. He taught himself in the public library, mainly just by reading books.

3. In 1889 he wanted to get into law enforcement so he joined the California Fish Patrol

4. In 1894 he went to jail for 30 days for vagrancy.

5. In 1906, he published in Collier's magazine his eye-witness report of the big earthquake. It is said that Jack saved over 1000 lives by dragging children from their houses as they burned.

6. London joined the Socialist Labor Party in April 1896

7. London was a racist (essay written about the Chinese

called "the yellow peril" in 1904.) Also proving he was a racist was this segmant of an essay-

In London's 1902 novel, Daughter of the Snows the character Frona Welse states the following lines (scholar Andrew Furer, in a long essay exploring the complexity of London's views, says there is no doubt that Frona Welse is here acting as a mouthpiece for London):

We are a race of doers and fighters, of globe-encirclers and zone-conquerors . While we are persistent and resistant, we are made so that we fit ourselves to the most diverse conditions. Will the Indian, the *****, or the Mongol ever conquer the Teuton? Surely not! The Indian has persistence without variability; if he does not modify he dies, if he does try to modify he dies anyway. The ***** has adaptability, but he is servile and must be led. As for the Chinese, they are permanent. All that the other races are not, the Anglo-Saxon, or Teuton if you please, is. All that the other races have not, the Teuton has. London's 1902 novel, "Daughter of the Snows"

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