How To Make Money With Your Digital Camera?

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I could say 'Yes, you can make money with your digicam' or I could say 'No, you can't make money with your digicam'. Point is, it really depends on the skills you have, the photographic subjects you're good at, and the market need for the kinds of creations you're trying to sell.

I know a freelancer by the name of Jarrod Hardcastle who's been doing this for a while and is pretty good at it as well. He uses a regular camera, regular equipment, but has a keen eye for creativity and a curiosity for new subjects.

His creations are purchased by professionals right across the stock photography spectrum -- from web designers to illustrators to advertising professionals, travel agents and more.

So if you ask me - Is he making money from his digital camera? Well, he certainly seems to be (and quite definitely will continue to do so as well). So my answer is - Yes, you can do this too... Just keep your eye open for new opportunities and grab it. You'll know for sure only if you try.

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