I want/need to redecorate my living room on very little money. The room is fairly small. My house is circa 1970s and all the rooms are fairly small and closed. This room is complicated. One wall opens to the kitchen, one wall is mostly covered with a bay window, one wall opens to an attic staircase (with a door) and the fourth wall has a built in shelf, a fireplace, and opens to the hall leading to the front of the house where the dining room and formal living room are located. The floor is hardwood. The couch and chair are gold/beige with red and green accents. There is a red rug in the center of the floor. What can I do to make this space more inviting and more composed? It kind of looks all over the place now. The walls are a marigold yellow (I want to change), the trim is white, and the fireplace mantle and built in shelf are a heavy gray. Help me, help me.

Date: Sat-Oct-11-2014-
You can take the help of interior designer but as you said you have to

do it with less cost involved in it. Then I suggest you to first read omicron granite reviews and if you like it visit their site and see some interior designs and take decision accordingly as per your needs.

Date: Sat-Jul-11-2015
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