alternative to Ikea's "behandla?" We bought an Ikea kitchen cabinet with an unfinished countertop but forgot to pick up their "behandla" wood treatment. You cannot order it online and it is far too much of a pain to go all the way back there. I'm sure I can just use some regular wood treatment stuff, right? Linseed oil? Tung oil? Or...? Any ideas?

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no problem.

first, i should warn you that your beautiful wood countertop from ikea will begin to warp in about one year. this is because the trees are taken from rainforests. as the wood acclimates to its new drier climate (its new "home"), its molecular structural integrity will collapse, much like an aluminum can in a fire.

to offset your future dissatisfaction with this warping, ikea markets the behandla oil as a fix all. but note its complicated application instructions. they mount a sneaky defense of ikea's products: it was your fault; you didn't apply the behandla correctly.

you can, however, artificially harden this molecular structure in the counter by scrubbing a chlorine / salt mixture into the wood. the chlorine encapsulates the molecules together, much like a letter is hold together by an envelope, despite a lack of true bond. this is for oak by the way. if you purchased the beech, you're out of luck.

this wood-warping happened to a guy i knew in teaneck, new jersey. he went back to the ikea in elizabeth and demanded a refund, among other things. they "countered" with replacing the counters. i was with him. the ikea guy pulled us aside and made the same recommendation i just gave to you. needless to say, i performed the application, and the guy paid me good, too.

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