I have maggots in my car's carpet.? Heres the deal. Stupidily I had a bag of trash in my trunk, with the intention of taking it to the nearest dumpster. Well, I forgot about it. couple day's later I notice an odor and realize my mistake. Anyway, I got what maggots I could out of my trunk. Days later I find them in my carpet in the cabin of my car.I vaccumed up most of them, but they are burrowed in my carpet. I've been going out to my car, (im boerd) and find them trying to escape, then I get them out with a rag. There has got to more that are hideing. What do I do? Help.

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Date: Sun-Jan-3-2010-

Answer 1

Have a Professional carpet cleaner who uses HOT WATER EXTRACTION. It needs to be at a certain temp in order to kill eggs and larva. Find out what the source of the food for the maggots are and get rid of it. Clean the whole carpet as well. When the cleaning is done ask the carpet cleaner to Apply a anti microbial solution to the area affected. This will kill germs in the area. FYI adding anti microbial solution to the carpet will take away the stain resistance of the carpet. If it is older carpet you can purchase Carpet Protector to reapply the stain resistance.

Answer 2

Go to the hardware store & purchase maggot killer--it comes as a powder, remove all children & pets, put a dust mask on your face, clean out your car, and then shake this stuff on ALL areas of the car where such maggots are found.

Wait for however long + 10 minutes that it says in the structions & usually you just need to vaccum them out but if it says to shampoo--then shampoo them out.

You can go to a local "wash your own car place" & do it OR rent one of those easyoff rug shampooers from the grocery store & do it or see if your landlord has a rug shampooer you can borrow.

Answer 3

If you dont mind spending money, have you looked into a proffessional car cleaning service?

I recently got my car cleaned inside and out, and it costed alittle over $100. I have three kids that are really messy. There might be cheaper places in your area.

I personally HATE maggots and give you props for dealing with this like you have.

Also, check out this link. They have suggestions on how to get rid of the insect

Answer 4

You have to shampoo the carpet!!! Clean it up the best you can and freshen it up with Lysol or Mr. Clean. Trade the car. You have to shampoo the carpet!!!

Answer 5

go to a car wash and tell them what happened. they've heard everything before so dont be embarased. i agree you should keep a can of spray LYSOL in your car just in case you see some

Answer 6


Anyhow, remember that maggots are fly larvae. They will become flies and...fly away. You should shampoo the carpet & spray some Lysol.

Answer 7

vacuum all food out and they will soon die.

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