How to clean the rust off a metal shower curtain rod? ? Actually there are quite a few ways. 1--Take the rod out ,replace it with an Aluminium rod. 2--Use Steel wool ,clean the rod ,sand it &use rust primer paint. Then paint it over.(better to use an oil based paint) 3-This should last an year or 2.

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Date: Thu-Dec-24-2009-

Answer 1

You can use a automotive chrome polish which will get rid of the rust (assuming it is just surface rust). Car wax (with a little rubbing) wil also remove it. Plus, the wax coating will allow the curtain to slide easier and protect the rod.

Answer 2

Scrub with salt and lemon juice, this removes rust. Also use a steel wool pad to get the last bits off.

Answer 3

i dont think u can, thats why is rusty cos its been there a long time so just buy a new one!

Answer 4

Try CLR, or just buy a new one, rust can be a pain.

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