How to help someone who is emotionally numb? My boyfriend seems to be depressed. He has been withdrawing from social events, and friends. And has even been pushing me away as well. I asked him if he needs space, but he says he doesn't. Last night, he confided in me that he just doesn't feel anything anymore. Toward anything. No happiness, sadness, joy, anger. Nothing. That he feels just numb. I love him dearly, but I have no idea what to do. How do I help? What can I so to support him?

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Date: Sun-Oct-31-2010-

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Try this:

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Go have a chat with your doctor. A bit of counselling may help or perhaps a short course of anti-depressants may help. It might just give him that bit of a helping hand he needs to get going again.

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Not being able to do everything he wants to do could have brought on the depression. I think it would be helpful for him to see a therapist so he can begin to get in touch with his feelings in place of the numbness or lack of feeling. Once he can put words on what he feels, he can begin to take steps to feel better. I wish you both the best of luck.

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you need to get that rascal to a dr asap. this does not sound good at all. go in with him and explain what's going on. again, yikes.

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This is deffinantly a reaction to something, people dont usually become numb for no reason. people do it as a copeing mechanism so they dont have to feel the pain or anger of something in their life.

Or is he on any kind of medication since the accident that could maybe have side effects?

I would say try to talk it out ask him when he started feeling this way, when did he notice it? Why did he start acting out in his un feeling ways? Ask him if it bothers him that he feels numb. If so ask him why? If not ask him why? If he says IDK tell him its ok *hold his hand and tell him you just want him happy* (dont say you want him back to normal because some times people will get offended or feel scared *it basicaly causes mixed emotion* because in their head they are saying "so wait, to you Im not normal what am I then a freak?"). Ask him if this is what he wants, does he want to be like this? Why/why not? (dont inquire to hard with these questions just make him feel comfortable, and let him know that you care and you want to know. If he doesnt want to answer any of them dont make him just make it aparent that you wonder about him)

Then ask him what he noticed was happening or going on in his life/thoughts when he relized what was going on with him emotionally. Or ask him why he just started to feel like things dont matter anymore, its usualy not an over night "I decided Im not going to feel any more" sort of thing.

I would say do all this see what you can find out and peice together, understand and maybe help him in your own way.

I would say that yes a therapist would be nice but jumping straight away to that conclusion will make him feel subcluded and distant, it might just push him further into a shell at first.

As for medication I do not recomend jumping to that untill after he has tryed to talk it out, it should always be a last resort because there are side effects.

And there is always that sad possibility that this is jus who he is now.

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