Im 14 and my penis is only 9.5 cm when erect and im not sure if it will grow!? hi, iv just turned 14 and my penis is only 9.5 cm when erect. Im extremely self consciouse about it as all my friends say theirs are a lot bigger and im not sure what to do. Most my friends have gotten head/hand etc and when i get to that stage ill be very self consciouse that the girl will laugh at my "size". will my penis ever grow?? im a little way through puberty but my voice has not dropped even though i have a lot of pubic hard and armpit hair and i can alreadty ejaculate/ produce sperm. please help me!

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Date: Wed-Aug-4-2010-

Answer 1

u will grow. your 14 14 year olds grow dont worry

im 14 if u hav more questions or just wunna chat

Answer 2

^ Pedo. Thats tiny mate, you must be a late bloomer so then it should definatly grow it will just take time.

Answer 3

You've got an average sized penis for your age, so don't worry. Most of your friends will be adding at least an inch when describing theirs, and they'll be a bit less than truthful with what gets done to it.

Most guys exaggerate when talking about their penis.

You still have quite a way to go to get to the end of puberty - probably another 6 years - it'll all be good in the end.

Hope this helps

Answer 4

puberty isn't a race. there are no prizes for who gets there first and even at the end, there are no prizes for the biggest penis.

stop worrying over things you can't change and have no control over.

Answer 5

dont worry u have ample time to grow just relax, yes u have started with adulthood but u still have years to grow and dont worry about your friends they may be just lying or they have already grown

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Answer 6

just give it some time everybody reaches puberty at different stages

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