What is the value of the first Playboy magazine with Marilyn Monroe?

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Value First Playboy Issue-Marilyn Monroe

Value First Playboy Issue-Marilyn Monroe

The first Playboy magazine was published in December 1953.

It had Marilyn Monroe on the cover riding a circus elephant and Marilyn inside
appearing in the center as "Sweetheart of the Month". This term was later changed to "Playmate of the Month".
The value of the famous first issue of Playboy magazine is determined by
many factors. Not the least of which is condition. A near mint to mint copy
of the first issue can easily command over $5,000 ! And if Hugh Hefner has
signed the copy(even years later), you can add a few thousand dollars.
And when I say over $5,000, I mean it. Copies of this first issue of the very
collectible Playboy magazine have changed hands for more than $15,000 !
WoW! However, there are copies in poor condition, that are available
in the 100's of dollars. And these are in poor condition. Many have torn or
half missing covers, no back cover, pages missing, very heavy soiling, etc.
Yet they still have value. The vast majority of complete copies of the first issue sell in the range between $2,000 and $ 5,000 .
Hope this was a help.

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