Why does raw garlic make you thirsty?

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Raw garlic can not make you thirsty in the first place. You are thirsty because you are irritated about its taste so you you feel the urge to drink water in order to flush out the taste brought about by garlic.smile
[d] By: anyabatara
Date: Wed-Apr-25-2012
Raw garlic CAN make your thirsty and even dehydrate the body. 
 Allicin, one of the active principles of freshly crushed garlic has a variety of the following effects:
 anti-parasitic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.
 Garlic especially raw can be extremely cleansing to the body. 
 While depending on your inner health and sensitivity to garlic you may feel very thirsty if not dehydrated. You may also feel extreme exaustion, headaches, flu like symptoms and  confusion. This is due to the garlic actually cleansing the body internally. The radical thirst is due to the body needing to excret the toxins. Many people confuse these symptions with being allergic to garlic. This is just false.
 However if your toung or throat swell stop taking garlic immediately and seek medical attention.
 Most people eat the standard American diet that contains high concentrated sugars, harsh chemicals and low to no vitamins. Out bodies can develop candida or other illness due to this poor diet. Garlic is helpful in keeping our bodies clean and boosts the immune system. That process can cause temporary symptoms as described above.
[d] By: Guest
Date: Tue-Jul-24-2012
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