Is this Rockstar energy drink expired? The code on the bottom: SEA 0023 8 090 0

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Date: Sun-Feb-21-2010-

Answer 1

that is not an expiration date

Answer 2

energy drinks dont go bad

Answer 3

If you even have a question as to whether it is or not, you shouldn't drink it. Yuck! ^-^

Answer 4

I don't think water, sugar, and caffeine can go bad.

You sure are an edgy prick. Maybe you should lay off the energy drinks for a while. Most expiration dates on things like water are for taste and packaging. Proper expiration would occur after you die, which unfortunately probably isn't soon.

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Answer 6

i could never figure this codes out...but it could mean it expires 8-09 meaning august 2009. but i am not sure.

Answer 7

when in doubt throw it out :)

Answer 8

Energy drinks cannot go bad!

Answer 9

no thats not an expired date. its not even a date

just drink it.

Answer 10

Those things are so bad for you! You mine as well drink it even if its expired because u payed for it and its just as bad either way...

Answer 11

neva heard of it

and please help me with my question

Answer 12

I dont understand what your saying, but maybe water would help and I dont think its expired

Answer 13

Some companies will stamp the product code on the product rather than an expiration date. If you call the company customer service number they can tell you the date it was bottled and when it expires.

(702) 939-5535 phone

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