How much does soup cost at Subway? Specifically the vegetable soup with rotini?

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Date: Sat-May-29-2010-

Answer 1

Locally, $1.99. Of course, that is "my" locally.

Would it not have been more effective to call your local Subway ask ask? Just curious as to how you can take the time to formulate a question, then post it, then wait for answers. And it's about the price of soup.

Well, at least you didn't ask if Sarah Palin eats soup. Guess we call all be thankful for that.

Answer 2

You do realize that costs vary per location, whether city, state, region, whatever.

I truly wish that high schools taught economics again.

Answer 3

I think it is approx 110 INR But why have soup rather have subway sandwich whihc is beter than soup

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What is 1 + 100

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