What dairy farms & dairy products treat their animals humanely? i saw, on a television show, footage of how dairy farmers treat their animals, specifically cows. i don't want to give animal-abusers my money by buying their products. my issue is that i love milk. i've tried soy mild and tofu and alternatives like that, but i don't like them. my question: what are some brands of milk, cheese, etc. where the farms they come from are nice and don't abuse or hurt the animals? thank you so much! also, do you have any other advise as to eat more organic and/or with food that the animals are not suffering?

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Organic Valley is pretty good as far as treating their animals well. You can check out their standards on the website.

Also, consider checking out the Whole Foods website. They give you a lot of detailed information about what food labels in their stores indicate.

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Cow's lives are worth nothing more than the food they produce... If you can accept the fact that a mother cow has her babies taken away from her when they are one or two days old... if you can accept the fact that a mother cow has to go through continuous cycles of artificial pregnancy to produce milk... if you can accept the fact that a mother cow has her breasts strapped onto a machine and spends years producing milk and when she is no longer productive, she is sent for slaughter... then that is your business.

Why all of this cruelty, you may ask? So that humans can drink the milk of another mammal. Are you too weak to give up dairy? You would feel a whole lot better if you stopped drinking homogenized, pasteurized bloody cow pus. Give me thumbs down for this, I really don't care. I care about the animals and that is why I typed all of this.

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i dont know what products you can try.....from what i have heard any producer of dairy or milk can slap a sticker on their product and say its cruelty free/organic when its really not

i hear the same stories about "free range" eggs and meat

just keep trying the dairy alternatives its your safest bet

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Gosh, I wish I would have seen that program. I thought dairy farmers treated their milk cows like they were queens. Most dairy cows that I've been around are quite emotional and I think their milk would probably dry up if they were treated badly.

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Sorry, but part of the business model for dairy requires that all the bull, free martin and excess calves are killed at about 1 week old.

if you include DEATH in "abuse" or "hurt" then you will not find what you are looking for.

There is NO commercial farm that does not do this.

Here are some other issues around the dairy industry, you will not find any commercial farm, other than "hobby" farms, that does not follow all these practices.

Artificial incemination every year

Cows would naturally calve every 2-3 years. Dairy farms artificially inceminate them every 11 months. This causes excessive stress on the cows body, increses the chance of prolapse and generally "wears them out" in a few years, rather than a natural 20 years.

Protein enriched feed

The feed they are given is enriched with artificial growth foods. these are generally made with cattle meat protiens.

In the USA and some parts of Australiasia they use a hormone growth agent called recombinant bovine somatotropin. Its brand name is POSILACĀ® and its made by Monsanto. This increases milk yield and beef growth. This is a synthetic hormone. Its banned in the EU since 1988

The main mechanism these hormones work is by re-directing dietry nutrients from peripheral body tissue to mammary glands. effectively, they are slowly killing the cow.

70% of US cattle are injected with this growth hormone ( 2007 stats ) that the majority of the world will not entertain because they believe its too dangerous.

Bribe/feed caged carousels

These suck. They are large rotating carousels where the cows are caged in a space where they cannot move. They have "black boxes" on thier legs which communicate with the main operating computer. They are fed just the right amount of food depending on how much milk they gave yesterday. They have added growth food if thier production drops

One person can milk about 400 cattle on a carousel so there is no time for checking the animals health - they just milk them dry and kick them out.

killing bulls, excess calves and free martins at 1 week old

All bulls are killed at 1 week old, although some farms iin the UK started ( in 2006 ) shipping them to Continental Europe for veal again. They do not keep any back for breeding as they bring in new blood lines. In the UK we don't use dairy bull calves for veal anymore in country. They are either killed, or shipped out. Bull calves go to make low quality leather products such as cheap sofas.

They kill all free martins as there is a good chance they will be barren.

Strangly, they feed these animals with colostrum at birth to keep them alive, but then kill them a week later.

excess feeding to produce 60 lites of milk per day

The growth food is all designed to produce excess milk. Cows are naturally designed to produce about 15 litres. The european targets for 2009 are set at 90 litres, i don't think it need me to tell you if this is heading the right or wrong direction.

intensive rearing means low husbandry checks

As mentioned above, most automatic dairies have one milkmaid per session, thats it. I know a dairy farm with 1200 cattle and 3 employees. Tell me how they can ever check the cattle....

removing calves from mothers after colostrum feed

This is stressful, cows bawl for weeks for thier young, calling them to be fed. Obviously the calf cannot "run to mom" because its in dog food by now.

killing the cow at 7 years old

Cows can naturally live to 20 years old. Production dairy cows are killed after 4-6 births so are never kept after 7 years old.

Hope that helps.

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