An examples of paragraph development by enumeration?

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Enumeration Samples

1. The doctor explained the list of possible side effects of the new drug. From common to rare: First, was dizziness; second was nausea; and third was chest pain. [descending likely symptoms]

2. A list the states west of the Mississippi River includes Arkansas, North Dakota and Nevada. [equal priority]

3. Many senators were named in connection with the scandal: Only a few from the Great Lakes states, some from west coast sea port states, but mostly from big oil states. [ascending numbers of senators]

4. The movers were hoisting the piano to the third floor apartment window, when a car accidentally bumped into their truck. The driver had misjudged the space behind the movers' truck and hit it with his right front fender. It rattled the mover in control of the winch and he let it slip for just a second. But that was enough to let it drop ten feet. The piano struck a second floor window ledge and it tilted in its harness. It swayed against the building for a few seconds and then fell out of the harness onto the sidewalk below. [cause and effect time line]

5. The plans for the boat were completed by AJ Shipworks in late 2003, the fabrication began in 2004 at Armonk Seacraft and she was outfitted by Manini Brothers last summer. We launched her just yesterday. [chronological order]

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