R&P: Does anyone agree with me? Who thinks they should put Pop and Techno together and leave Rock by itself? "Sports > Hockey Sports > Horse Racing Sports > Martial Arts Sports > Motorcycle Racing Sports > Olympics" Wtf!?

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Date: Tue-May-4-2010-

Answer 1

Or better yet, put rock and metal together instead of pop. But this has been mentioned a bunch and as much as we whine about this to the YA staff, there to lazy to fix any problems like pointless reports.

Answer 2

it should be rock and metal or rock and hard rock get pop out of here I'm sick of all the jonas bros,and tokio hotel, and metro station garbage teeny bopper questions!

Answer 3

i agree that they should probably put them in separate categories.... Y!A should just make a different category for each basic genre of music.

Answer 4

Andrea...I can't believe they didn't ask you to put this question under sports LMAO...I get it, they let sports be specific, but not music, I agree, leave rock in it's own field!

Answer 5

Rock is closer to pop than electronic music is.

Answer 6

There's a Techno section?


Answer 7

isn't techno out of style??

rock is super hot, it would do fine alone...

maybe even have a better reputation lol

wtf is that "sports>Hockey... about????

Answer 8

There's a techno section?

Answer 9

Not enough people like techno. The section would be dead half the time.

Answer 10

We have Techno?

Answer 11

i totally aggree

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