Determine the constant that should be added to the binomial so that it becomes a perfect square trinomial? then write and factor the trinomial x^2-4x a. 16; x^2-4x+16=(x-4)^2 b. -4; x^2-4x-4=(x-2)^2 c. -16; x^2-4x-16=(x-4)^2 d. 4; x^2-4x+4=(x-2)^2 I also have an additional question determine whether the graph of the polynomial has y-axis symmetry, origin symmetry, or neither. f(x)=7-x^4 a. origin symmetry b. y-axis symetry c. neither

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Answer 1

The pattern is x^2 + 2ax + a^2 or x^2 - 2ax + a^2.

Take the linear coefficient, cut it in half, and square the result.

For your problem, the linear coefficient is 4. Half is 2, squared is 4. D.

For the other: it's a standard quartic, shifted upwards 7 and flipped upside down. B.

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