Is Bularky a real word? ? Is Bularky a real word? As in "there's no way that's true. That is a bunch of bularky!" I researched on the Internet and was unable to find that this is an actual word or any etymology root behind this word. I know there is malarky, which has basically the same meaning, but cannot find anything about bularky. Could be spelled differently, balarky, bilarky, etc.

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I think it's a combination of the words bull and malarkey.

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I don't know, but my grandpa used this word for years. It means about the same as "baloney" Gee, I haven't heard that word in awhile.

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Its Mularky not Bularky. I am not sure of the root of the use but it used to be used on All In the Family all the time by Archie.

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i think it's kind of like "ginormous". it's made up and commonly used, but hasn't found its way into the dictionary yet. give it time.

btw, i never heard that expression.

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it could be a combination of "malarky" and "balderdash" which means something foolish... basically the came as malarky.

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The word you're thinking of is "malarkey". With an "M". And yes, it is a real word, in the dictionary.

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nope i looked it up on

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It is a slang term, a polite way of saying Bul***it, as in that is bularky. My Mom would get on people for swearing, but that one always passed through.

Answer 10

It's probably a modern play on the word, malarky.

The commonly used phrase "bull****" expresses the same meaning.

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