What does real Meth burn like What Look alikes burn similar?

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Answer "What does real Meth burn like...

Well, the question is somewhat vague so I will address the various "burning" of methamphetamines.

Burns during manufacture:
There are physical burns that can occur during the manufacture of methamphetamines, however, these are not really burns from meth itself. The burns from the manufacture are generally either chemical burns, such as from anhydrous ammonia. Chemical reactions that can result in fire or excessive heat, such as the mixing of hydroiodic acid and red phosphorous in water. Then, there could be what might be referred to as internal chemical burns from inhaling potentially harmful or deadly fumes (such as phosphine gas) that can result from improper handling of chemicals or procedures.

Igniting Meth:
If you expose any amount of meth directly to a flame it will violently "fizzle". Most of it will vaporize while the rest will become a black hard burned compound. The heat from this chemical reaction will generate flash fire. One might compare it to a dash of gun powder.

Administration (smoking):
Smoking meth requires heating it with a flame. Commonly, the meth is placed in a glass pipe, or on aluminum foil, and heated from underneath. The smoker must be very careful not to over heat, lest the smoker ruin his/her meth. In the smoking apparatus, the rock (or "ice crystal") will quickly melt just like a real ice cube, only much faster. The transition from ice crystal to liquid to vapor is so fast, it will seem as if it begins to release this vapor as soon as it starts to melt. The remaining liquid, if it was heated slowly and carefully, will recrystallize within 5 to 15 a few seconds as it cools.

Meth and Cocain, when both are in their powder form, will look exactly the same, and burn the same. Although, these days, you will rarely find meth in it's powdered form (methamphetamine hydroxide) except during it's manufacture. Meth is usually only distributed in it's more pure crystalline rock form. Cocaine, also, is now more widely distributed in rock form called "crack", and while they would still burn similar, the appearance of crack cocaine is different than that of Meth. Meth crystal will break apart easy, and have a "crumb cake" texture. If you put a meth rock crystal in your mouth it would dissolve (with very very bitter taste). The crack cocaine rock does not as easily break apart, has a "bar of soap" texture, and will not dissolve into your system when it is put in the mouth (and has no taste while in your mouth). (in fact, many crack-heads will hide their crack under their tongue)

Side Effects:
Dehydration will often occur as a result of taking meth. During it's use the body will dehydrate faster than normal. Along with this, one will often forget to drink water as they "speed". To remedy this, one must simply make a conscious effort to drink more water (not sodas, as a speeder will more quickly choose). Bladder infection will most likely occur, causing a burning sensation when urinating.
Sometimes there is a side effect from taking meth often referred to as "crystal dick". Again, mostly due to dehydration, the symptoms are a burning sensation similar to a urinary track infection, but the burning sensation is also when ejaculation occurs, accompanied by very little volume, and weak ejaculation.

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