Can education solve African Americans problem?

Date: Fri-Jan-20-2017-

African Americans are mostly related to commission of crime

and this leads to their incarceration. Can education solve this particular

problem. The answer is in the affirmative

Incarceration rates in different states in America have been

attributed mostly to lack to education. This is in the aspect of the

disparities that exist between black and white populations which is marked at

23%. Through the study of FBI data, it has been established that the higher the

education status, the less likely a person will commit crimes. Education has

been related to individual development of patience and the conviction to avert

risks. This as a result has been used to explain why there is a negative

relationship between serious crimes and educated individuals. Further studies

have proved that people who are educated for example among whites the higher

they are educated the possibility of incarceration drops by 10%. For the black

people the higher they are educated, the possibility of incarceration reduces

by23% (Lochner & Moretti, 2003).

However, despite these findings, there is a need to dig

deeper to find out the types of crimes and arrests. This is in relation to

education levels amongst perpetrators. The study will thus involve

determination as to whether the data really coincides to the presumption by the

United States Department of Justice as to whether the average criminal is

uneducated and poor even before incarceration. This is in addition to the

presupposition that 19% of the population in prison is illiterate as can be compared

to the 4% national illiteracy level (Karpowitz & Max, n.d.).















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