When are the best sales on televisions? I am looking to buy a new tv. Flat screen, hd, lcd, at least 46 inches. When are the best sales? I prefer not to shop on the Friday after Thanksgiving unless absolutely necessary. I can also wait until after Christmas to make the purchase. When are the best sales usually?

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Date: Mon-Jun-7-2010-

Answer 1

After christmas, because retailers order those tvs in bulk and given the bad economy, they will have to lower the prices or they will be stuck with them. If you don't have to have a widescreen, you can find used 4:3 lcds for under $200 on craigslist, or even a crt for under $50 that is 46".

Answer 2

typically, now or coming up is when you will see the lowest prices on the cheap junk tvs that walmart sells that only last you 90days-1.5 years.

Keep in mind, when you buy cheap, its cheap for a reason.

I will give you a hint on what brands still make quality tvs.

Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, Hitachi and Mitsubishi.

Answer 3

All year long. A new special every week as the old models get older and the new ones arrive. www.CRUTCHFIELD.com and www.PRICEGRABBER.com are great places to start.

Buy at a store that has a Price Match policy. Then you are glad to see the price go down in 2 weeks..

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