Has anyone got a house phone that can send txt's and if so would you recomend it?Cheers? Its possible. It depends on your telephone service provider and the phone set. For example, in India, there is a service provider called Reliance, they give a special telephone set with their service, which you can use to send SMS messages. So I suggest, you ask your telephone service provider, if they have such a service. But the fact is, This is possible.

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Date: Sun-May-16-2010-

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It depends. Cordless house phones can have as much functionality as mobiles nowadays, and work just the same (except they must be near the base). But the cost is an issue. AFAIK, there are no home phone tarrifs in the UK with inclusive or free texts. I have a mobile phone which has free unlimited texts, so why bother with a house phone. TBH I only have a landline for broadband cos a cant get cable.

When you get a text enabled phone, the first time you send a text BT converts your line so it no longer rings you and reads out the message, since they know you have a text enabled phone.

(Info based in UK)

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