Didn't pull a permit for adding light

My contractor added a switch and a recessed light in the kitchen. They look good but I just came across the city code website that says this work needs permit. 
How do I get one now it is done? Does the inspector ask to tear open the wall again or this is minor and they just need to look from the junction box? 
By: front
Date: Tue-Apr-29-2014-
It depends where you live.

Some jurisdictions are more reasonable/forgiving than others. Some jurisdictions will issue a permit retroactively and some jurisdictions will require you to remove the work. 

Did you hire a licensed electrician or your husband's hack cousin? How do you know your contractor didn't pull a permit? Did you ask him or are you just making an assumption? 

First talk to your contractor. A licensed contractor well known to the city inspectors may be able get a permit issued retroactively. I had a contractor do this in San Francisco when the inspectors started to snoop around my home. I also had a licensed electrician do work without permits. 

If you do talk to the building department, act dumb, you're just a lay person after all. You were relying on your contractor to inform you what permits were required and how to obtain them. That's part of what you paid him for. 

But it's not really a big deal. When it comes time to sell just check the I don't know box on the disclosure form. 
[d] By: rubbles
Date: Tue-Apr-29-2014
Some jurisdictions and inspectors want to see all the work, including the now covered part. You remove the drywall, inspect the wiring, replace the covering and inspect again. 
If you are in SFO, those inspections will be a bit costly. 

If it is you house, I'd forget about it unless you have some doubts about the work. 

If you have a condo, get a licensed electrician to check the work before calling the city and follow his recommendations. You can also ask you condo association and they will tell you that type of work isn't allowed in a unit/ 
[d] By: shinier
Date: Tue-Apr-29-2014
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