How to use the command line compiler tcc.exe in turbo c 2.01 from Borland? Any reference manual out there? i have set the Path environment variable and given the command tcc hello.c it gives the message--Error 9: Unable to execute command tlink.exe; what is wrong here? Is there any free ebook on the Turbo C 2.01 user guide out there? Please help!

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Date: Tue-Dec-15-2009-

Answer 1

The linker hasn't been set in the path environment. That part's easy, the hard part is determining why you're using such an old compiler. The turbo C compiler is quite limited, though it will get you pretty far when you're just getting started. I recommend you download a good free compiler that will last you for years and is frequently updated to support new features for example the CodeLite IDE comes with MingW which is used around the world in various circles of the programming underworld. Just search for those two, and you'll be glad you did. As far as setting the path environment, you'll need to look that up on your own.

Answer 2

tlink.exe is the linker of this tool chain and linker path is not set probably ur linker is missing or placed in wrong location... my advise is to use msys/MingW or gcc as a tool chain if its not mandatory to use boroland.

Answer 3

Ask - its a professional search agency for manuals. They find you everything. The service is not for free, but often worthy (you only pay if they find what you are asking for).

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