how do i connect dreamweaver to my database? i think my problem is very simple but i think im missing something very basic. i just started my own website. my host is godaddy and i have the economy package if you know them they give you 10 free databases to set up through MySQL. i also set up a dsn. i am trying to connect to my databases through dreamweaver. i am creating my pages through dreamweaver using asp. if you know dreamweaver they have an applications tab and then you click on databases and then from there you can create a custom connection string or a DSN. which one should i choose? ive tried doing it both ways and ive gotten know results. it wont make any connection to my databases. my databases are located in how do i retrieve them when they arent located on my localhost. ive read endless tutorials on how to retrieve them on your own computer but im trying to get them through a site. also ive already gone to and applied some of those strings, nothing seems to work. which one should i use anyway? thanks in advance for any help.

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many considerations

keep in mind, godaddy may not let you connect to the databases from home/ remotely.

also you may need different connection string connecting from home/remotely or from when you code is on the server.

i don't know anything about DreamMasterWeaver, but here's some hello world code you can try out.

note this code is meant to run on the server, NOT from your local machine.

set con = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")

con.Open "DRIVER={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver};SERVER=localhost;DATABASE=myDatabase;USER=myUsername;PASSWORD=myPassword;OPTION=3;"

set rst = con.Execute("create table if not exists foo(x int, y int);")

set rst = con.Execute("insert into foo values(1, 2);")

set rst = con.Execute("select * from foo;")

If Not rst.EOF Then

Response.Write "success"


Response.Write "failure"

End If

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With GoDaddy you will need to

Go to the Admin Control Panel.

If Using GoDaddy


MyHosting Account

Select the Account

Select OPEN


Lower Section Databases

Select MySQL

Create DSN

Fill In Additional information Uname/Pword

That will create the connection on the host to the dB. You may need to rename your db to the blank one it creates or vice-versa.

Hope that helps

I'm an ASP person just trying to point in the right direction

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What is 1 + 100

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