I left wolverhampton england 20 year ago, what is the work situation like, i would like to move back? You don't say where you are, but surely its got to better than england . This country is finished . If you want to see come and visit but make sure you buy a return ticket

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Date: Sat-Jun-5-2010-

Answer 1

What are your skills? I think that the economy of the Midlands is much less based on heavy industry than it was. You'll find most jobs are in office-based service industries. Unemployment in the UK is quite low but it is forecast to rise over the next two years.

Answer 2

After 12 years of Gordon as a Chancellor and Prime Minister, Britain is really f***ed up and heading towards a recession. I would stay where you are. Good luck

Answer 3

A Wolves fan i hope. lol

i would say its ok but its really down to want u wana do. sorry i couldnt be more helpful.

Answer 4

Where are you now? I guarantee you wont like what you find

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