How Do I Know How Many Farad Capacitor I Need? How do i know how many farad capacitor to get. Im from australia capacitors are limited here dont see them much i dont even know if i will need one? im running two amps - one bridged running a single pioneer 12" sub and the other is a 4 channel running my speakers. Cheers

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Date: Tue-Dec-22-2009-

Answer 1

You should always work on RMS power, rather than max power. 1000W RMS, you should have around a one farad capacitor. It is likely that your pioneer sub isn't that powerful, connect it up and turn it on with your headlights on and see if your lights dim. They shouldn't.

Capacitors are very cheap here, You can pick one up from Jaycar for around $60AU for a 1 Farad one.

I'm running 2 Type-R Alpine Subs @ 1000W RMS off a Alpine Class D amp 1200W RMS @ 2 ohm. I only need 1 farad ... so you should be sweet with either no cap or a 1 farad cap.

Answer 2

its ideal to get 1 farad per 1000 watts of power so if your sub is 1000 watts you would need a 1 farad cap ergo if your sub is 500 watts you would need a 1/2 farad amp you could never go wrong with about an extra farad. Power acoustik, alumapro, rockford fosgate all make preety good caps so with that said i hope i helped you out. good luck.

Answer 3

from australia no problem . to look for those cap. you need go to surplus electronic. or big companys used mega computers there main frame used large cap.

for every 500 watts max you use a 0.5 farad cap.

1000 watts max is equal to 1 farad cap.

Answer 4

none get big power wires

Answer 5

you dont need, if you need put one, use one faradio

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