When buying a car for teenager what to tell him/her how to take care the car? Why and How?

Date: Thu-Jan-21-2016-
Auto care is an activity which commences from the day the automobile has been bought by the owner and refers to the maintenance of the vehicle on a regular basis. The importance of auto care can be judged by the fact that a vehicle which is subjected to proper and timely care provides its owner with optimum performance and smooth functioning.

The first tip in auto care recommends that the automobile owners should preserve the user manual because it comes very handy while fixing minor everyday problems related to the engine. A precautionary measure would entail changing the oil filter on a regular basis, checking on all the fluids like brake, anti-freeze, power-steering and windshield washer solvent, inspecting the engine belts minutely and lubricating the chassis.

Apart from the engine maintenance, the other aspects of auto care involve checking of the tires, the spark plug, the battery as well as the lighting system. The tires are normally checked for inflation as a part of preventive maintenance and care should be taken to ensure that they are never under-inflated. Likewise, the battery fluids are checked for their levels, the spark plug is relieved of clogging and the lighting system is checked to ensure proper functioning of the turn signals, tail-lights, brake and head-lights
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Date: Thu-Jan-21-2016
The "how" to tell your teen to take care of their vehicle is up to each individual parent. I was always told in simple, blunt ways; a good "why" to tell them will teach them to value things (especially more expensive things)...though cars can be "fun" to a teenager, especially when they first receive their license, but they need to know that cars aren't "toys", but actually heavy machinery, and, if not used safely and responsibly, other people could get hurt -- maybe seriously -- or even killed. Many teenagers I knew while growing up seemed to have forgotten this, never realized this, or maybe they just weren't taught. My parents told me another way to take care of my first car, with  another reason why; maybe more new drivers need to hear this, as well: "Take care of it, because if something happens to it, and you're to blame, you'll be the one financially liable, too -- we won't buy you another car, nor will we bail you out." (Harsh love, but it worked!)
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Date: Fri-Jan-22-2016
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