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If a car is using too much gas what is the main cause?

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Date: Tue-Dec-22-2015-
Went Mechanic and most them say bad 02 sensor.
[d] By: ecuador
Date: Sat-Dec-26-2015
Car's a component of various parts. Regular service is essential to keep it running smoothly otherwise the life of the car can be shortened. Tyre pressure needs to be adequate to glide on the road. Neither more nor less but the right pressure . Components which move needs to be lubricated from time to time otherwise the'll wear tear will occur at a much rapid rate and the efficiency of the vehicle will be poor. Lastly cars need to be upgraded with latest components or be replaced completely to gain better fuel economy and efficiency promising long life. Replacement is much preferred for money spent on repairs isn't worthwhile than buying a new booty.
[d] By: gbuggs
Date: Mon-May-2-2016
The engine might be too old :)
[d] By: thomasf2220
Date: Mon-Aug-8-2016

The most common causes (aside from poor driving habits) are

  • bad timing
  • bad sparkplugs
  • low octane fuel*
  • malfunctioning coolant temperature sensor
  • blocked catalytic converter(s)
  • malfunctioning MAP/MAF sensors
  • driving with the parking brake engaged**
  • having aftermarket wings on the car.
  • tyres not inflated to the recommended pressure
  • and a few others I can't remember

*Cars designed for low octane fuel won't benefit from high octane fuel, but cars designed for high octane fuel will perform poorly on lower octanes.

**Usually not because you forgot to release the parking brake, but because it may become stuck. Especially on cars with rear drum brakes.

Date: Thu-Jan-5-2017
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