How do i add money to my h&r block emerald card? i got this h&r block emerald card and i want to add money to it. can i do it Though wal marts green dot cards?

By: Guest
Date: Sat-Dec-19-2009-
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Answer 1

I don't think the card works like that. It is a one-time funding card that is NOT to be used like a re-loadable gift card! Once the money is gone off the emerald card, the card is worthless. Those emerald cards are such a waste of time and effort!

[m] By: Guest
Date: Unknown---
Response 2
Actualy you can add money to it, you can buy load cards and apply them to the H&R Block cards they are not one time use... don't listen to the noob
[m] By: Guest
Date: Tue-Mar-30-2010
Response 3
Contact wall mart only I donít thin you can add money.You can earn points only.

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Date: Wed-Oct-20-2010
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