How do you find out the negative things affecting your credit score? My husband and I are trying to figure out why he can't get approved for any credit cards, he has none under his name right now but has in the past; we don't have any late charges, but his score is lower than we though because I checked on How do we find out exactly what is causing it to be so low?

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Answer 1

Check your credit report - any negative information that affects your score will be contained in the report. You can get 1 free report yearly from each of the three crdit agencies by going to

Once you get the reports, read over them looking for any negative information. If you find what you believe is an error, check with teh credit reporting agency for their dispute process.

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First...if you don't cancel with asap, they will charge you $14.95 per month

Did he have late pays or charge-offs in the past? That may explain the problem..Other factors include too recent a credit history.

Answer 3

When you are denied for a credit card, they will usually (and by law have to) send a letter stating why he was declined for a card and by which bureau the information was furnished to base that decision upon.

Also, you can see/purchase your official FICO scores from It costs $15.95 to see it from each bureau, but once you purchase it you can see what the negative factors are affecting your credit score as well as the positive factors.

Depending on the bureau, your husband's score could range anywhere from 50-100 points.

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