Can I use Tally 9 for Corrugated Box Manufacturing Company? With modification.? I want to use modified Tally9 for our Corrugation Manufacturing Company. Please suggest if it possible to calculate all the nessecary things which is require for Corrugation unit.

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Answer 1

Yes !, what you have to do is first you have to create cost centres, Inventory clasification etc. then the input data sheet to be prepared. correctly book the entries in related voucher type. Now generate the required reports. I hope your stores incharge or Accountant can do this. but one thing you should remember that the quality input data should be given to them. best wishes.

Answer 2

Yes tally is used in accounts for business as well and pay and allowances. But there also advance and latest languages have come in the business accounting.

Answer 3

yes it can be used depending on how you configure the entire data.

Also modifications in invoicing etc can be made at a charge

check this blog for more information

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