when does 'constructive receipt' happen?

in the following cases 1) A winning paper ticket Powerball drawing on 12/24/16, that you must cash in within 180 days at the state lottery headquarters - say an eight hour drive 2) a winning Scratch off ticket that you bought on 12/24/16, but didn't scratch it off until New Years eve and discover you had a top prize winning ticket of 2 million dollars - again having to go to the lottery headquarters
By: oaks
Date: Sat-Jan-7-2017-
When you become aware that you won

If you check the Powerball ticket at a verification machine, then there's a clear identification of the date on which you become aware of the winning ticket. If you scratch off the winning Scratcher ticket on 12/31, then that's when you know you won.

That's why it's called constructive receipt, instead of actual receipt. 

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Date: Sat-Jan-7-2017
What is 1 + 100

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