I always use Turbo Tax to file returns (employed + rental property). In 2011 i was hit by AMT

went to see a CPA and he really did not put any additional value to my turbo tax application. I submitted my returns... even though unclear what i am doing and why. I feared audit triggered by mistakes but it did not happen. For past 4 years i didn't see AMT flag.... till again this year.Once again, I am gliding the application form and answering AMT questions that i have no clue what they mean (mostly it is asking for adjustment amounts, which i am just skipping by leaving them blank and hitting 'continue'). This prompted me to look up 1040 from previous years and i see AMT amounts (line 45) for last two years and also in 2010. So, i dont understand why TurboTax chose not to show me AMT calculation last two years? TAX calculations should be pretty cut and dry... either you are liable or not... but the code is so ^&#$ complex that i fear TurboTax is only good if you have single job with straight-forward earnings. wondering if anyone shares my opinion and what others do when triggered by AMT.
By: topple
Date: Wed-Mar-16-2016-
You have good news You're a high enough earner to get hit by AMT. 

Also, software is pretty good. I used it for years. AMT calculations are complicated. It's effectively a "Flat Tax". "Normal" tax has lots of special interest deductions (itemized deductions, etc), that get you below the AMT flat tax. 

Most people should not need tax help. You sound like one of them. Many do not have confidence. Many dan't add. Some are too lazy to do it themselves. Some dedicate their time to job, or family, and just subcontract it to a preparer. 

And there are huge differences in competence of preparers. 
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Date: Wed-Mar-16-2016
What is 1 + 100

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