Anyone ever been bank levied or wages garnished

by the IRS? I only owe $665 for 2014 but the IRS is coming down on me hard b/c I filed Chapter 13 BK last year and previous IRS money owed was included in the BK (not more than like 5K). Now I get this certified mail to "pay immediately" which I will def call them about in a timely manner and probably end up making payments. Technically I am court-protected from any type of levies. But my attorney said I still have to pay any taxes owed that was NOT included in the BK for any subsequent debt. Should I start socking cash away in my fireproof vault which I bought a while ago?I really would rather not go there.
Date: Tue-Mar-8-2016-
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if you've gotten a Cert. letter they can file suit to not only garnish some of your wages. they can drain most of any bank account, retirement account, stocks, bonds. and even put a lien on any car/ home/ property/ or business. but with what you owe your chances are nil. they only go that far when you owe tens of thousands in back taxes. 

[m] By: purer
Date: Tue-Mar-8-2016
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