How can a white person get a Afro? im white and i'd love to have a afro. i have this fake black afro wig and i think and so does everyone else think it suits me. but i dunno how i can grow one for real? any ideas?

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Date: Sat-May-15-2010-

Answer 1

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Answer 2

let your hair grow and make a perm

Answer 3

1)grow your hair out

2)color it black (not necessary)

3)go to a salon and get a tight perm done on your hair, think little old lady perm. Once this is done it will give your hair the texture and curl of an african americans hair. Then you can comb it out and fluff it big, whatever you want ;-) hehe

Answer 4

Depends on your hair texture. I know some Caucasions that have afros, and Asians. But it depends on your hair, if its curly poofy, if not you can't.

Answer 5

hehe :]

grow it out..

depending on how big u want ur afro..

then go to a salon..or just get ur own perm at a drugstore..

like one of those super curly perms..

make sure not to leave it in any longer than the box sais..

cuz i wont make it any curlier, but just ruin ur hair..

and then blowdry ur hair upsidedown..

and get one of those wide tooth combs..

then comb it up and outwards..

u shud have a great big poof!


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Um i wanna get black Peoples hair Duh
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